Agile Transformation

Agile organizations can react and adapt faster to continuous change yet remain focused on product innovation and customer-first strategies. It enables more options to flourish in an increasingly uncertain, ambiguous world and facing constant disruption

Create an Agile transformation plan based on principles that allow your business to align strategy, teams, talent, and innovation to drive value. Agile can ensure your vision and culture, including customer-first codes, are developed to their maximum potential through a proactive transformation to develop business agility proficiency.

Agile Roadmap

Agile methods are not always prescriptive, making their implementation difficult and unnerving for many managers, processes owners and individuals with existing investments in non-Agile processes. SAFe 5.0 provides a way forward to adopt Agile across the origination, but it does require a deep understanding of the underlying principles to create a change roadmap that is executable. 

Here are some underlying principles to consider always in whatever form your Agile Roadmap takes:

Agile adoption will be more successful by fostering shared principles. Whatever the change in management direction or team activities you embed, the following principles provide guidance and valuable benchmarks:

Our experience with SAFe 5 is extensive and allows us to define pragmatic Roadmaps for adopting and scaling up Agile at every level. Our experience has also shown that not every organization, department, team, or individual is ready to change at the same pace and enthusiasm. Simple, pragmatic, no-nonsense methods are required to succeed. 

Our approach goes beyond strategy and design, with hands-on roles and activities to ensure best practices evolve: