Big Data Boot Camp

Welcome to Big Data Bootcamp offered by SP Software Solutions. We would like to invite you to your upskilling journey into the future. This program offers a strong foundation for launching yourself into the dynamically changing technology horizon with our support. Today’s technology enthusiasts wake up to a rapidly expanding technology universe that is resistive to beginners but always scarce of resources. We help open doors for you to land your first assignment in the jobs of the future that help carve the stepping stone of your career as a technologist.

Why Big Data?

As the numbers speak for themselves, we can easily infer from the market statistics that Big Data Technologies are here to stay and are increasing exponentially in market share compared to any other data-related technology. For years organizations have been accumulating and archiving vast amounts of data for Decision Support Systems and Predictive Analytics. For starters, Big data is the first step in the whole AI ML Space as it provisions massive compatible datasets for the AI algorithms to run on. The Big Data space offers freshers and experienced IT professionals favourable job positions to launch themselves in this rapidly expanding ecosystem.

Big Data Careers

Big Data is a vast technology space that offers a wide span of jobs for every vertical of the Software Life Cycle. Your organic fitment for any of these jobs depends on your prior background, area of interest, and technical aptitude. As you can see below, there is a profile for every technology enthusiast within the Big Data space, but this Bootcamp precisely focuses on the “Big Data Engineer” job profile.

Boot Camp Outline

 As we all know that learning a new technology is an adventurous journey that requires motivation, perseverance and patience. Also, unfortunately, 70% of the latest technology self-learners fail because they lose interest. We ensure that you remain focused and interested in the course throughout its tenure. Our world-class trainers will keep you engaged practically on the application side of Big Data, not just the factual learning part. But this course is a commitment you make to yourself for going through this state of the art training and learning this skillset of the future. 

Big Data training is offered entirely online; training runs 12 weeks. Each training batch consists of maximum 10 students. Students meet with the trainer in an online hour-long session. Students are expected to spend roughly fifteen to twenty hours per week reviewing the training materials, practicing the concept in a hands-on session, and preparing for the next session with the trainer.